Driver's Licence

1. First Aid Course

  • You can attend this course before your 18th birthday
  • The First Aid Course is valid for 6 years

2. Learner Driver's Licence

  • Download the application form
  • Print, fill out the form, adhere your passport photo

3. Eye Test

  • Eye Tests can be conducted at any opticien
  • Take your Learner Driver's Application with and let the optician sign it
  • The eye test is valid for 2 years

4. Apply for Learner's Licence

  • Bring your personal ID (Identify Card)
  • Hand in your Driver's License application form at your local authority (Gemeindeamt) or Road Traffic Testing authority (Straßenverkehrsamt) for certification (Becsheinigung)

5. Driver's Theory Exam

6. Learner Driver's Licence


Passed your Learner Driver's Theory Exam? Congratulations!

Your Learner Driver's Licence will be sent to you by post. It is valid for 2 Years, non-extendable.

7. Learner Driver Accompanying Person

Accompanying person on Learner Driver Lessons:

  • Must be at least 23 years old 
  • Must be in possession of a Driver's License since 3 years (including on a trial basis)

TIP: Take your first learner driver's lessons with a professional driving instructor.

Because: Wrongly learned driving habits cost more time to undo.

8. Traffic Behaviour Course


The traffic behaviour course (Verkehrskunde) is obligatory in order to take the Practical Driving Exam.

TIP: Course (4 Evenings) should be attended as soon as possible.

9. Practical Driver's Exam Zurich

Finished your driving course?

If so, it's best you let your driving instructor apply for your Driver's Exam in Zurich.

10. Driver's License (on trial basis)

Passed you Drivr's License Exam??- Congratulations!

3 years limited Driver's License, on trial basis.

Within this 3-year period, the WAB Course musr be attended.

After expiration of the 3-year trial period and upon receipt of your Course Certificate the Road Traffiic Authority (Strassenverkehrsamt) will send you the unlimited period Driver's License per post.