gbt - general business terms and conditions

1. Agreement

  • The contract is valid upon your application (by phone, SMS, Whatsapp, mail or verbal confirmation) and ends with your completed driver's training. Driving school CH guarantees an efficient and customized driving instruction, according to Swiss Road Traffic regulations for granting persons permission to drive in road traffic.

2.Prepaid Driving Lessons

  • The driving course must be paid prior to the 2nd lesson. For postal money transfers, 10 CHF will be  additionally charged to you.
  • After successful completion of your Driving Course, any remaining unused, prepaid lessons will be refunded with a 10% fee deducation.
  • For payment reminders, a fee of 20 CHF will be added. For non-payment, the costs of debt collection will be fully charged to the driving student.
  • The practical Driver's License Exam will only be accompanied, if all lessons have been paid. Any resulting expenses will be charged to the driving student.

3. Duration of lesson

  • The duration of a lesson is 50 minutes, comprimising: greeting, instructions, driving practice, driver's analysis and arranging next appointement/s.

4. Appointment cancellation

  • In case  of cancellation, driving lessons appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the appointment. Late arrival to an appointment or late cancellation of an appointment will result in the lesson being fully charged to the driving student.

5. Flat Rate

  •  A once-only payment of 150 CHF is due for the costs of: administration, third party insurance, fully comprehensive insurance, passenger insurance, filling out accident protocol in such an event, transport of car into garage, arrangement of replacement car, loss of working hours.The paid flat rate is valid for a maximum of 2 years.

6. Learner Driver's License

  • The valid learner driver's license must always be taken to and shown at every driving lesson. Also obligatory for safety reasons are closed shoes, and glasses or contact lenses if the condition 01 is mentioned in the Learner Driver's License.